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How To Write A Blog Post People Will Actually Read and Share

Once you’ve decided you want a blog… (To increase search engine rankings, attract new leads, help others, and to get thoughts out of your head) …for best results you’ll want to have a blog that people will actually read. Putting words on a screen is easy. The framework for writing a blog post that isn’t […]

Read Post / January 14, 2015

Do I Need Images On My Blog?

If you’re a long time reader of the blog, you’ll probably know the upcoming answer to the question… “It depends.” Unlike many designers, consultants, and web marketing experts… I actively avoid hype and recommendations that aren’t suited for you. The downside (well, it’s a downside for some people) is that you need to think. Just […]

Read Post / January 10, 2015

What Publishing 30 Posts in 30 Days Taught Me About Blogging

One day I decided I wanted to blog more. But more isn’t an effective goal. A result and a deadline is required for great goal-setting, so I figured I might as well challenge myself. I decided to publish 30 articles in 30 days. I called it my Awesome Blog Challenge. And now I present to […]

Read Post / June 15, 2014

How Often Should I Post To My Blog?

So you started a blog… Whoohoo! You know what blogging mistakes to avoid, you have an idea of what you’ll write about, but… You’re not sure how often to publish. You have options! I’m sure you’ve seen blogs that are only updated once every few months, and others that have new content every single day. […]

Read Post / June 6, 2014

“Do I Need A Blog?”

Do you notice everyone around you with a blog and you’re feeling left out? Blogs are extremely popular, and for good reason… It’s a great tool for sharing your thoughts and experiences, getting in the habit of writing, creating a body of work to be referenced at any point, and building an audience around you […]

Read Post / May 25, 2014

7 Time-Wasting Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Blog

You did it! You’ve decided to start a blog. Writing a blog is a great tool for sharing your knowledge or experience. You can teach a lot and learn a lot by writing consistently. Plus you can easily share what you’ve written with others and begin to build an audience. I started a personal blog […]

Read Post / May 18, 2014