Awesome Web Guy / Super Smart Marketing Strategy

Terms of Service

Be Cool

This is the first rule of working with me. Let’s agree to both be friendly human beings to each other and the rest of the world.

Web Hosting

I will not host your site for you. I believe you should have full control of your web presence. I also am not a hosting company with 24 hour support… I’m a human being with limited business hours. This way, if something goes wrong, you can contact your host at any time of the day or week. Some web designers will lock you into their host. But then if you want to move your site or switch hosting providers, you must rely on them.

For a personal or small site I recommend A Small Orange. Very inexpensive and a great place to start. If you’re getting several thousand visitors per month and need top of the line performance, go with WP Engine.

I am not tech support

I will set up a site on your host and possibly email service. But I don’t fix problems with your host or email service that are a result of hosting issues (see above). I don’t troubleshoot IT problems. I make websites and do marketing consulting. I won’t fix your printer either. I don’t do emergency fixes, I set my business hours and stick to them.


Email is my preferred form of communication. It’s extremely useful to keep a paper-trail of all communication and keep all project information in the same place. Email support@awesomewebguy.local at any time. Expect a response within 24 hours, except on weekends and holidays.

Please don’t send important info through text message or Facebook.

If you’d like to chat on the phone, please email first. I don’t usually pick up my phone during office hours except for pre-arranged appointments. My office hours are 1:30 – 6pm Tuesday – Friday.

Ownership & Copyright

Once you are paid in full, all website content, design, and code that is uploaded to your host belongs to you. Please be sure that you have permission to use all images and video that will go on your site prior to sending it to me.

I am not a graphic Designer

I won’t design a logo for you. If you need one designed, I can recommend people to do it for you. I will do some basic image modification (resizing) as necessary based on what you give me. If I need to do more advanced edits, that will be an additional fee – charged hourly.

Read The Documentation I Send You

I have created an outline of the entire website construction process here. I will send you emails with links to each step as we get there. These are designed to make the process smooth by telling you what I’m doing, what I need from you, and answering frequently asked questions about each stage in the process. Please read it. It will save both of us lots of time. But if anything is unclear or you have additional questions, please ask.

Timeline & Build Time

I will have a site created for you within a week. However, I will not start the build process until I have received ALL of the content you have. Please spend time grouping it together and send all at once.

Once the build is completed, I will show you what I’ve got and we can do some changes of details until you’re satisfied. The quicker you respond, the faster this process will go. If you change your mind about what you wanted (based on our initial call) and required major redesign, there will be an additional fee – charged hourly.

Hourly Rate

If you require extra services as described above, my fee for additional work is $100 per hour.

Site Maintenance & Updates

You will be shown how to do basic site maintenance and updates (Step 7). I believe that you should have the ability to make all simple updates on your own if you want to. It is essential that you keep WordPress and the various plugins up to date for usability and security purposes. At least once a month.

If you’d like me to add content or do any further design updates after we finish (Step 8), you will be billed hourly.

I can take care of updating WordPress, plugins, and backups of your site (see BackUpdate Service) if you don’t want to spend the time.

BackUpdate service includes automatic ongoing updates, backups, and security scans. It does not include labor hours required to restore a site from a backup, fix security concerns, or any additional updates.