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The Importance of Having A Mobile-Friendly Website

mobile-screenshot-friendly-websiteHave you ever noticed how much time you spend on your phone?

If you’re like the average American, you most likely have a smart phone and spend an ever-increasing number of hours on it each week.

The amount of web browsing on mobile devices is going up as well. When most people see a website on an ad, they’re unlikely to remember it and look it up when they get home.

They’ll check it out immediately on a phone, or not at all.

Which is why it’s becoming more important to have a website that’s mobile friendly.

A new trend with web design now is called responsive design, which means that the website will adapt to the size of the screen.

The other option is to create a separate mobile version of the site, but it’ll only be for one screen size. To be prepared for all screen sizes, I’d recommend making sure your website has responsive design.

Talk about it with your web designer or check to make sure any WordPress theme you use is responsive.

Not only is browsing popular on phones, so is content creation.

Phones are great for taking photos, videos, recordings audio, or even writing. I wrote this entire post while on my phone!

What questions do you have about responsive design? Leave a comment below!