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Marketing Explained: How To Clone Yourself For Fun And Profit

Mousepad - Marketing Explained: How To Clone Yourself For Fun And ProfitHave you ever felt like you have to much to do?

…and if there was another one of you to do all the stuff you don’t want to do… you’d get a lot more done?

In 10 years you might be able to get a robot to do some of it for you. Actually, you can already get a robot to vacuum for you.

Right now, let’s talk about your work specifically.


It’s a scary word for some people… bringing up images of pushy salesmen, usually at car dealerships. But that’s bad salesmanship.

And when it comes right down to sales:
You want em, and it takes effort to get them.

2 Sentence Sales Training:

  1. A sale occurs when a prospect believes they will be a better version of themselves after they purchase.
  2. A prospect must believe that the outcome is more valuable than the cost.

Write those down.

The challenge is that you can easily spend all your time showing people how your product or service makes them better versions of themselves… and never get other work done.

That’s why it’s important to remember that sales is a process… not just a thing that happens.

And you can create that process so that you don’t need to be there in person for most of it.

A sale often happens in person, but how do we get someone to that point?

And how can I avoid having to sell in person to everyone over and over again so I can get all that other stuff done?



Agh! Another scary word.

Like I mentioned before… these words seem dirty to some people because of their experience with sales & marketing people/organizations that are BAD at it.

If 90% of the restaurants you went to were really gross, you’d probably cringe at the word restaurant too.

Now when you think of marketing, billboards, TV, social media, and other media often come to mind. But those are marketing tools. Marketing itself is actually something much cooler.

Yes, I have a fancy definition for this word too…

Marketing is the process of creating an environment where a prospect is motivated to purchase.

Let’s break that down…

Marketing isn’t something you do once. That’s why I include the word PROCESS. It’s an ongoing thing.

For example, every month Bed, Bath & Beyond sends a postcard with a coupon. And every now and then I get a catalog too. Do I buy right away? No. But over time they have let me know that they’re the best option for picking up items from my Bedroom, Bathroom, and Beyondroom.

Are they the best option? I have no idea. But they’re the one I know about! So the moment I decide I need a new shower mat, the first thing I think of is Bed, Bath & Beyond.

So not only is communication over time important, but adding these elements to my everyday experience is key.

Do you have a mousepad next to your computer? If so, what is it?

Imagine your products/services/brand bring on there and tons of people having one. Most people spend lots of time at their computer so you become a part of their everyday environment.

You become familiar, and you’re more trusted over time because of it. Same thing goes for magazine ads, billboards, TV product placement, or Facebook ads.

The point is… be a part of where the prospect spends time. And add value by being there.

In these examples, you might not be directly motivating someone, but you’re showing yourself as the clear option for when someone has a need. Marketing can also take the form of a blog post, that describes a particular problem someone has, and you showing what the solution is.

And then having a clear call to action telling reader that you provide that solution is a great addition.

If a sale occurs when a prospect believes they will be a better version of themselves after they purchase…

Then marketing is the process of providing evidence. And if your website is doing it for you, you can spend more time doing the things you love!

Ads, social media, websites, email newsletters… these are all ongoing processes and parts of the environment you can create for your audience.

And none of them will make a difference unless you really understand that they’re all a part of a process to create an environment for motivating someone to purchase.

Once you’ve set all this up, you’ll notice that sales will happen faster. You’ll only talk to leads who are nearly ready to buy…

Which means your sales ability has effectively been cloned, so you have more time for fun… and of course, more profit.

Your homework… start looking around when you spend time. How are others creating an environment for you? What marketing processes do you see? And how can you start creating some of your own? Leave a comment below with your findings!

Photo: susan kare icon mousepad by Nam-ho Park