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Build Your MailChimp Email List While On The Go

mailboxes-build-mailchimp-listQuality email marketing is one of the most effective ways for you to develop a loyal audience.

Building up your list isn’t always easy. You can email people asking to sign up, post links on social media, and have a sign up form on your website.

But one often overlooked tactic is building your list in person!

Ditch The Business Cards Already

Do you normally leave events with a pile of business cards? Do you file them and input them all into your contact list with reminders to follow up later?

Thought not.

Most likely you’ll leave them on your desk for a while, then throw them away.

Time to try something else…

If you’re at an event (or even better, hosting your own) and you’re speaking to someone and they seem interested in what you do… that’s the perfect time to ask for their email address!

This way, people will hear from you regularly without you needing to remember to follow up individually.

If you’re using MailChimp, there’s a great app for both Android and iOS (iPad only) that can help you easily add people to your list.

It has the best name for an app I’ve ever heard:

They call it Chimpadeedoo.

I have no idea why it’s named that, but it’s fun to say.

You can easily log in to your account, choose the list people will sign up to, and then just open the app anytime and have them input their info.

One of the best parts is that it saves all of the info even if there’s no internet connection, then uploads the info once you’re connected again.

Enjoy list-building!

What questions do you have about building your email list? Leave a comment below!

Photo: “mailbox collection” by Beate Meier