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My Favorite WordPress Theme

When building you’re own website, it can take some careful consideration to choose the right theme. But for me, the majority of the time there is one clear choice. That doesn’t mean that I make every site to look and feel the same… but having a framework that is familiar is a huge time saver. […]

Read Post / June 12, 2014

10 Simple Ways To Get More Visitor Traffic To Your Website

Having a website is great… But if no one is visiting you’re not going to get much from your investment. And if you’re creating content for your site — for best results — you should be spending most of your time actually promoting it after it’s posted. Here’s a short list of 10 ideas for […]

Read Post / June 11, 2014

What Twitter and A Cocktail Party Have In Common

When people are thinking about how social media works for personal use, many can’t seem to wrap their heads around twitter. “It’s just Facebook status updates, right? What’s the point of that?” …is something I’ve heard plenty. But Facebook and Twitter work very differently. Here’s how I like to explain it: Facebook is like family […]

Read Post / June 10, 2014

What Is A Domain Name?

If you’re planning to build a website, you may hear or read “domain name” fairly often. It’s basically is the address of a website. ie., The domain is technically the word(s) after “www.” and the “.com” part. It’s the shortest unit of information you can type to get somewhere on the web. Many websites […]

Read Post / June 9, 2014

“Do I Need A Website?”

The fact that I’m web designer might hint that you think I’d naturally say “Why yes, of course, and you should pay me lots of money do make it for you.” But that’s not what I’m going to say. The real answer is… NO. You don’t NEED a website. A website is a marketing tool. […]

Read Post / June 8, 2014

How Do I Pick The Right Theme For My WordPress Website?

After getting a web host and installing WordPress, you’ll need a great design for your site. You can hire someone to create one for you… But if you’re going the do-it-yourself route, you have oodles of options. There are thousands of themes out there so before going window shopping, it’s important to identify what you […]

Read Post / June 7, 2014

How Often Should I Post To My Blog?

So you started a blog… Whoohoo! You know what blogging mistakes to avoid, you have an idea of what you’ll write about, but… You’re not sure how often to publish. You have options! I’m sure you’ve seen blogs that are only updated once every few months, and others that have new content every single day. […]

Read Post / June 6, 2014

The Smart Beginners Guide To Cross-Posting On Social Media

“There are so many social networks! Do I need to post something different on each one?” As to most strategy questions, there is no right answer… But there are plenty of methods that don’t work, so in this post I’ll give you 3 guidelines that will help. When creating content for multiple social networks… think […]

Read Post / June 5, 2014

Using Unpaid Interns For Marketing Is Why You Can’t afford To Pay Them

Social media is free to use, right? Emails cost nothing to send. “Great! We can keep our costs low by getting an intern to do this online promotion stuff for us.” This mindset is extremely common among small businesses. A few months later… “We’re not really seeing results from all this social media stuff. What […]

Read Post / June 4, 2014