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Gedaly is THE go-to guy for all things web design. I used to be a web designer myself, and now I use his services for everything I need. Reliable, affordable, and a great teacher.

Ben Whitehair

Actor, TV: Manhattan, Nashville

Gedaly is a creative collaborator and patient with someone who isn’t quite sure what they want. He was able to help me hone in my ideas into something tangible. I enjoyed building my site with him and looking forward to working with him again.

Alexis Carra

Actor, TV: Mixology, Anger Management, Recovery Road

How long has it been since you told yourself you needed new acting website?

A month? 2 months? 2 years?

It’s time to stop thinking about it and time to get it done.

Look, you could spend 50 hours trying to figure it out yourself and get it just right — and spend $100-200 in the process.

Doesn’t sound too bad to you? Let’s look again.

Let’s say your time is worth $15/hr. 50 hours of work seems like a lot, but think about research, planning, gathering content, design, figuring out the technology, break time you’ll need for all the frustration it causes you.

50 isn’t that unlikely. 50 x $15 = $750.

Add the $200 you’ll spend on a domain, hosting, and a simplistic & crummy “build it yourself” website builder, or something else that’s much more complicated…

That’s nearly a $1,000 investment of your time and money and you’re still unsatisfied with the result.

Not worth it!

This is your CAREER we’re talking about here. If you’re going to be taken seriously by the industry, you have to show it that you’re serious. Half assed marketing doesn’t cut it.

You wouldn’t print your resume on a paper towel, would you?

I thought not. So don’t settle for less with your website.

The truth is, you can have a great looking website in under a week.

No more beating yourself up that you don’t have one yet.
No more frustrating hours spent trying to figure out web design on your own.
No more questions from your manager about when you’ll have a site done.

Instead, you’ll have a professionally designed site that is customized to fit your brand.

You could continue to worry about it and figure it out on your own, but you already know the value of turning to a professional for your marketing materials:


You don’t submit a selfie to casting directors, do you? No. Because a professional will give you a better and faster result.

And you’re investing in your career. In yourself.

Now’s the time to do the same with a website.

Invest in you. You’re worth it.

Having a simple and effective website is an essential asset in your actor marketing arsenal. Gedaly will help you get exactly what you need… he’s an expert at this stuff.

Trevor Algatt

Actor, Host of Inside Acting Podcast

I’m a tech savvy guy, but I’ve found immense value in having other people support me in making all my materials top-notch. Gedaly is the guy you want on your team. He’s super knowledgeable about everything web marketing related, and he can easily explain it to you in a way you’ll understand — even if you’re not tech savvy.

AJ Meijer

Actor, Host of Inside Acting Podcast

What You Get


Custom Designed Website

No cut-and-paste template sort of deal… style, colors, and layout will be customized based on your brand and what you need.

Marketing Consultation

You get a 30 minute marketing consultation to craft a marketing plan and how your site fits into that.


Dynamic One-Page Site

Makes your site simple, easy to navigate, and it looks cool too.

Mobile Friendly

Also known as “responsive design.” Over 50% of web traffic is coming from a phone or tablet, so this is a must.

No Ongoing Fees

You pay for your domain & hosting, but you’re not locked into any contracts or extra fees from me.

100% Best Practices

Plenty of Casting Directors have told me what makes the best actor site. That’s what you’ll get.

Lightning Fast Service

After you send your content your site will be up in less than 7 days.

Update It Yourself

You’ll learn to make updates, so you don’t NEED to pay when you get new headshots, reels, or credits.


You’ll get training on how to edit the site, and how to use it to get jobs!

I once paid $2,000 for a website that wasn’t good and didn’t feel like it really fit me. I hadn’t done anything with it for a long time and felt stuck. Then I found Awesome Web Guy and in no time at all, I had an amazing looking site that really fit what I’m all about.

Tessie Tracy

Spoken Word Artist & Poet

Gedaly is my go-to guy when I need technology related solutions. He’s got an amazing talent for web marketing strategy and making it easy to implement.

Ryan Basham

Producer, Branding Expert

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will You Host My Website For Me?

No, here’s why…

I believe you should be in control of your website.

There are other providers for actors that will charge you $30+ per month for a simple hosting package for a single site. It’s more than you need to pay. Also, that means you need to contact the company for help anytime you need something changed or fixed.

When you own your hosting, I will have access to fix things. But if I decide to shut down business or you want to hire an assistant to administrate things for you… you can!

You also end up paying less in the long run.

What if I'm not an actor?

Artists, poets, photographers, stunt performers, magicians, hosts, and other creatives are welcome. But the package is still the same… so if your line of work doesn’t fit with the clean and simple, one-page design format that I’m using for actors, then you’ll need to find another option.

What Will My Site Look Like?

Every client is unique, and your website will be too. I don’t use a cookie cutter style template for you. It will be a single-page scrolling layout for ease of use and speed of design. But other than that, it’s gonna be entirely custom design to match your brand.

I don't have a domain ( - do I need one?


Try to get or something close. It’s the easiest to remember, and the most professional.

I won’t leave you with something like

That’d be silly. You’re a business professional with a website that should reflect that, and all smart businesses have their own domain.

Luckily, they’re not expensive. Only $15 per year for a new domain. When we work together, I’ll help you purchase one.

Does having a site help me get found in Google?

Yes. Google likes to show people the most relevant site for a topic. And if someone searches your name, your IMDB, social profiles, and website will be ranked first. If you have a quality site with quality SEO optimization, your website will show first.

Imagine that people are searching your name and seeing your Twitter profile come up first. They might not find out what you want them to see.

After you have a website… the next time a producer or casting director Googles your name, YOU are in charge of what they see. Your info, your branding, your professionalism.